What is Yoga Music?

Yoga is believed to have been around for thousands of years.  Through combination of controlled, deep breathing, a series of stretches, along with mindfulness. The purpose of doing yoga is to create a sense of harmony and connection between your mind and body. The tranquility and clarity is obvious benefit from doing yoga.


Different kinds of Yoga Music

Music has been an integral part of yoga, from chanting to bells as well as various percussive instruments. Yoga music is divided into two categories in the Nâda Yoga system. The internal, silent vibrations of the self (internal music) and external music, ahata. The internal music is created by yourself and your inner processes. While external yoga music is by no means required to practice yoga, the right playlist can create the perfect mood for your online yoga session or yoga class.

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Is Yoga Music only classical music?

No, but modern yoga often relies on classical music or classic music theory. Classical and orchestral music is often described as music that is positively stimulating the brain. Classical music often produces a calming effect. May people say they practice yoga to benefit the mind and reduce stress. Therefore, Yogis often turn to classical music for yoga classes. 

Yoga class yoga music

Electronic Yoga music

In modern age, a large portion of the music released and listen to on Spotify, Apple and YouTube is electronically produced. Synthesizers and samples can create ush soundscapes and classical movement that are very soothing to the mind and therefore very suitable as Yoga music. Most of the tracks released on Nomade Records are electronic. Several of our artists also include classical elements and composition technique. other common elements are percussion, acoustic instruments such as guitar, vocal as well nature sounds or ambient sounds.

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What does Yoga music do?

Yoga music helps you to feel calmer and more relaxed. Combing yoga music with breathing techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing (Ujjayi breathing) moves us into our parasympathetic response (aka, rest and digest). Not all yoga music is slow and calm, for certain more physically demanding exercises you will need music with slightly higher BPM and more harmonic movement. Nomade Records cater for all kinds of Yoga music though our playlists and our individual artists and their unique sounds and expressions.

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