MonoJack is our progressive house alibi stacking up over 6 million streams on Spotify since 2021. He has been consistently releasing solid work from the first release and is already a favourite among DJ´s in the genre. Monojack genres is best described a combination of organic house, ethnotronica, organic house, deep tech house, progressive house, deep groove house, deep euro house, organic electronic, tribal house.

Monojack is featured in playlists such as Tulum Nights, Blue Marlin Ibiza official playlist and Simon Field´s Ibiza playlist

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Monojack; progressive house to deep organic house

Monojack is a talented DJ and producer hailing from the Norwegian underground music scene. Her unique blend of analogue and electronic sounds has earned her a reputation as a rising star in the world of techno and house music.

Drawing on influences from the deep house and minimal techno genres, Monojack has developed a style that is both sophisticated and raw. Her sets are known for their pulsing beats and intricate rhythms, which draw crowds to venues like Jæger, Skaugum, and The Villa.

Monojack’s approach to music is deeply rooted in the underground scene of Norway, where she has been an active participant for many years. She has performed at numerous festivals and events, and her work has been featured on a variety of underground labels.

What sets Monojack apart from other DJs and producers is her commitment to analogue sound. Despite working with electronic instruments and equipment, she embraces the imperfections and nuances of analogue sound to create music that is both organic and futuristic.

Overall, Monojack’s contributions to the Norwegian underground music scene have been significant, and her unique sound has garnered attention from audiences and critics alike. With a growing following and a distinct approach to music, Monojack is definitely a talent to watch in the world of techno and house.

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