House music legacy start Simon Field, has recently launched his new boutique house label, Basement Records. This label is set to release a hand-picked selection of funky tech house and Jackin house tracks, showcasing the unique sound that Simon has become known for.

Simon Field is a DJ and producer from Norway who has been making waves in the house music scene for the past few years. With releases on top labels such as Perfect Havoc, Ultra Music, and Astralwerks, Simon has proven himself to be a talented producer and DJ.

Basement Records is a new venture for Simon, and it is one that he is incredibly passionate about. The label is focused on showcasing the best of funky tech house and jackin house, genres that Simon is particularly drawn to. The tracks released on Basement Records are hand-picked by Simon himself, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality and fits perfectly with the label's unique sound.

The first release on Basement Records is a track called "Gack Gack", which perfectly embodies the label's sound. The track is a funky, groovy number with a driving bassline and catchy vocals. It's the kind of track that will get people moving on the dancefloor and is a perfect example of the kind of music that Simon wants to showcase on his label.

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Simon has big plans for Basement Records and is excited about the future of the label. He plans to release a steady stream of high-quality tracks from up-and-coming artists in the funky tech house and jackin house scenes. Simon believes that these genres have a lot of potential and that there is a growing audience for this type of music.

One of the things that sets Basement Records apart from other labels is Simon's commitment to supporting new and emerging artists. He believes that there are a lot of talented producers out there who are not getting the recognition they deserve, and he wants to help change that. By giving these artists a platform to showcase their music, Simon hopes to help them reach a wider audience and advance their careers.

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In conclusion, Simon Field's new boutique house label, Basement Records, is set to make waves in the house music scene. With a focus on funky tech house and jackin house, and a commitment to supporting new and emerging artists, this label is poised to become a major player in the genre. Keep an eye on Basement Records and Simon Field, as they are both sure to make waves in the coming years.

We wish him luck on his new Funky Tech House advnture.

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