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Top 10 Spotify Yoga Music Playlists 2022

What is the best yoga playlist? What is the most popular yoga music playlist? And what is good yoga music? It is tricky to say. You might have found the perfect yoga playlist for relaxation, and then your concentration is shattered by an impromptu electronic number. Or you are in the middle of an upbeat yoga flow class, only to be interrupted by Grieg or Bach.

Popular yoga music playlist

Thankfully, Spotify is one of the easiest places to find popular yoga music playlists to suit all taste preferences. Whether you are looking for yoga music suitable for your class, or for an upbeat workout 1 hour booster, Nomade Records and our world class yoga music artists has you covered with our list of the following playlist variations.

#1 - Yoga Flow by Young Jing

Young Jing is a South Korean musician and music producer who has created one of the most popular yoga music playlists, on the Spotify platform to date. With 150K monthly listeners and over 100k likes, Young Jing’s Yoga Flow comes highly endorsed, from Yogis across the globe.  

Yoga Flow Spotify playlist

The first song you will find on this playlist is a low-fi ethereal dream, recorded by Young Jing himself dubbed ‘Sunset’. This song incorporates relaxing beats, with a dream-like voice that echoes in the distance, making it the perfect introduction to a brand new day. 

#2 - Yoga Music by Bo Degas

Bo Degas boosts over 50.000 monthly listeners on Spotify and knows his Yoga Music game. The playlist is a versatile yoga playlist for most forms of Yoga. The playlist starts with the track Waves. A perfect start for a yoga class with its hypnotic marimba like riff. Young Jing has collaborated with Bo Degas on Waves, and you can hear both artist well on the track. Waves is followed by Swimming In Tigris by Adam G. Adam G is also a Nomade Records artist churning out beautiful yoga tracks. An artist to look out for on the yoga scene.

Oranica / organic house artist o Degas

#3 - Yoga Girl Playlist of the month by Yoga Girl

This popular yoga music playlist has been handpicked to help listeners ease the body and mind into a relaxing session of vinyasa yoga. With a mixture of instrumental and indie sounds, including music from the likes of HIAM and Ben Howard, the Yoga Girl: Playlist of the Month is an excellent example of a yoga playlist designed to benefit your practice and integrate popular music.

Yoga Girl Playlist of the month is hosted by https://www.yogagirl.com/ as Swedish yoga community run by Rachel Brathen. Rachel is a Swedish yoga teacher, a pioneer of paddleboard yoga, and the founder of Island Yoga Aruba in the Caribbean. She is the author of the best-selling 2015 book Yoga Girl.

#4 - Yoga Playlist of the Month by Sol Rising

Sol Rising’s Yoga Playlist of the month is the perfect modern playlist, for those of you who are looking to be gently soothed into your session. With gentle instrumental sounds, these frequency-inspired tracks will take you to emotional highs and lows, as you alter your positions. 

Sol Rising (AKA Brandon Au)

Sol Rising is an international touring DJ playing yoga festivals in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia at festivals such as Wanderlust, Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle.

#5 - R&B Yoga with Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, and yoga teacher with an emphasis on accessibility – her inclusive approach means anyone can practice, regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability. 

Her yoga song playlist includes well-known artists such as Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan and Diana Ross and is sure to make your class one to remember. Get into the groove and embrace the upbeat sound, whilst you work up a sweat. 

Dianne Bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher, social justice activist and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement. Her inclusive view of yoga asana and philosophy inspires and empowers thousands of followers around the world – regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability.

Top 10 yoga music artists?

If you are looking for top Yoga Music songs or artists, see our countdown here...

#6 - Jivamukti Yoga by Christoph Blomquist

Any yoga song playlist that features the legendary Fleetwood Mac must be popular! Christoph Blomquist: Jivamukti Yoga has proven to be a hit with yoga lovers across the world. 

Jivamukti yoga combines the intense structure and physicality of vinyasa yoga, with meditation and Hindu spiritual teachings. These seemingly polar opposite experiences are perfectly encapsulated in the playlist, which vacillates between electric ethereal beats, to a softer melancholic sound.  The transition from your intense class to a meditation session with this yoga workout music playlist. As the playlist progresses, you will notice that the tone of the music changes, beginning with upbeat tempos and ending with soft indie vibes. 

#7 - Breathe and Flow: yoga playlist of the month | breathe and flow

This modern yoga music playlist primarily provides beat-heavy songs, with powerful peaks for an upbeat vinyasa yoga session. But the Breath and Flow: yoga playlist isn’t a one trick pony, as the tracks progress you’ll find the tempo of each song is increasing before gradually slowing towards the end of the list, this is to ensure you have a relaxing end to your class. 

Breathe and Flow, aka Bre and Flo are yoga instructors currently based in Mexico. They have been embarking on a trip around the world, learning new yoga techniques to incorporate into their own teachings: https://www.breatheandflow.org/

#8 - Alejandra Avila: Kundalini Yoga Mantras Sat Nam

When looking for yoga music playlist ideas, many yogi’s want songs that will help to center their focus, allowing them to engage with their present-day reality. The Alejandra Avila: Kundalini Yoga playlist achieves just that, thanks to the music included. 

Much like many other entries on our list,  this Spotify yoga playlist pays homage to the Indian roots of yoga, with music that is heavily influenced by Indian culture. The music featured within this playlist will help you tune out the wider world, focusing only on your current practice. 

#9 - Musica para Yoga by MOINI

Moini´s Yoga playlist is more New Age leaning than the others, capturing the spirit of artists like Enya. Moini is one of the up and coming New Age artist on the globale scene.

Moini Yoga new age music

Check out Moini´s latest releases

#10 - Ashtanga Yoga by Sweet D

We are finishing up the top 10 Yoga playlist chart with Sweet D. Sweet D is also touching on New Age Music in her her production style and is a well traveled Yoga DJ. You will find her on festivals like Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle.

Sweet D - New Age and Yoga Music

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Moini – Breeze

Moini is delivering, as always, a beautiful track in "Breeze".

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Bo Degas, Moini & Adam G – Colombia

Three Nomade super heroes coming together for this great track "Colombia".

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Moini – Sail Astray

Moini's first release of 2022, with "Sail Astray".

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Moini – Bliss

Moini returns with a blissful track 🙂 "Bliss" out today on Nomade Records.

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Moini & HOBBS – From The Cliff

Moini and HOBBS return with the great new yoga track "From The Cliff".

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Moini – Wounded

Her first release since her "Friendship" collaboration with Paco Amigó, Moini goes solo this time with "Wounded".

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Moini & Paco Amigó – Friendship

Moini and Paco Amigó release "Friendship"!

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Moini & Paco Amigó – Namaste

Moini and Paco Amigó release the relaxing "Namaste".

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