Finding the right mix of music for your yoga workout is often very personal. We research over 1000 yoga playlists on Spotify to see what sort of music people would put in their yoga music playlists. This is what we found.

Most track are tagged as Meditation music. Meditation music could be a wide range of songs but would commonly be slow moving ambient music with very little percussion or even musical movement.

Meditation Music  34% Trad. Indian/Devotional  18% Indie/Alternative  13% Classical  7% Pop  4% Folk  4% Other  4% R&B/Soul  4% Electronic  4% Reggae  4% Jazz  3%

Young Jing is an artist on Nomade Records. He curate one of the most popular playlists on Spotify. His list embraces most of the genres in our survey, although leaning towards more meditational

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